Pīwakawaka Series 1- 4


Artist: Rose Petterson

Size:  approx 185mm length

Medium:  3D printed PLA plastic

Price: $85 each RRP

Exhibition: Mar 2016

         Harbourview Sculpture Trail
         Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland


Pīwakawaka Fusion is a series of fantail birds, 3D printed with an intricate and delicate looking ‘lace-like’ framework. The ‘lace’ is made up of a blending of cultural patterns of Māori, Victorian, Chinese and Middle Eastern origin.


Pīwakawaka Fusion reflects on the integration or fusing of peoples, religions and races. As global migration increases, we can either hold on tightly to our cultural and religious identities or merge and blend our ideas and values with other cultures.


Cultural identity is easily lost as different cultures and races amalgamate, but this blending also gives opportunity to explore the integration of opposites and produce beautiful cultural combinations where the cultures reference one another to create a unique cultural fusion.