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Fantail Installation
Vertical Perched Piwakawaka
Flying Piwakawaka

Pīwakawaka Series 1- 4


Artist: Rosemary Petterson

Size:  approx 190mm length

Medium:  3D printed PLA plastic

Price: $85 each RRP

Exhibition: Mar 2016

         Harbourview Sculpture Trail
         Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland


He manu Māori,

He kaitiaki tapu,

He kaiwero hei tū i raro i te tika me te pono

Pīwakawaka is a small bird, yet full of energy, the kaiwero (challenger) for anyone that enters te wao nui o Tāne (the sacred forest), challenging them all, to be respectful of the great Forests of Tāne and all within it.

This installation of Pīwakawaka is a series of fantail birds, 3D printed with an intricate and delicate looking ‘lace-like’ framework. The ‘lace’ is made up of a blending of cultural patterns of Māori, Victorian, Chinese and Middle Eastern origin.


These Pīwakawaka reflect the tension of retaining cultural identity and the integration or fusing of peoples, religions and races.  How do we, as an increasingly global people, hold and value each other’s cultural and religious identities? And honour each other in a bi-cultural/multi-cultural way? How do we as the people of Aotearoa honour and value tāngata whenua in a way that upholds the mana of the Treaty, working together in equal partnership and kotahitanga (unity) and not just continuing to take from the people and whenua (land) without also giving in return.


The Pīwakawaka is a symbol of the wero (challenge) that is laid before us. When we enter these sacred domains, when we come to this whenua, do we come in peace and love, honesty and truth?

Nau mai tātou i te aroha, te tika, te pono me te rangimārie

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