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Divine Star

Artist: Rose Petterson

Size:  2m diameter, 4m high

Medium:  steel rod, epoxy enamel

Exhibition: 2017  

         Art in Structure Charity Auction


Rose was the winner of the professional category for the inaugural Art In Structure competition.  It was initially a digital exhibition, the winner being decided by public vote.  Rose was then commissioned to fabricate the sculpture in it's life-size to be auctioned off for the Ronald MacDonald House. 

Divine Star is a sculptural installation that stands over 4m tall and sits over 2m in diameter.

It has been galvanised for longer lasting durability and painted with a white epoxy base and a glow top coat. Inspired by the architecture and vaulting of gothic cathedrals, Divine Star is like a drawing in space which confronts the duality of opposites. It is perfectly imperfect. It is solid yet transparent, large yet of a personal size, it can be viewed from the outside but from the inside the space really opens up. From inside, the outside world suddenly gets a framework and an encounter with the work takes place. When you look up from the inside the star shapes emerge from within the vaulting framework, and in the darkness it illuminates to show you the way.

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