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Pīwakawaka No.4

From the Pīwakawaka Series by Rosemary Petterson - and signed (printed) by the artist.


He manu Māori,

He kaitiaki tapu,

He tohu o ngā Māreikura


This is a flying fantail that can be hung on a tree or from in a group using nylon string or similar. 

While it may look delicate and precious, it is actually contradictoraly robust and can be displayed both inside or outside. 

Single - $75

Pair - $140

Group of 3 - $200


read more about the conceptual art here


This Pīwakawaka is 3D printed using PLA (polylactic) plastic, made in NZ by Imagin Plastics

PLA is a 100% biocompostable plastic made from renewable materials like corn. The pigments and additives used in our PLA are FDA or EU approved, Food Safe and are UV stable.  Using only virgin raw materials, these filaments from Imagin Plastics are of the highest quality worldwide.  It's UV resistance means it won't yellow over time like other plastics.

Pīwakawaka No. 4

  • Care Instructions:
    PLA is a medium brittle plastic, so be careful not to apply too much force to areas like the legs and wings or it will snap.  However, you could try using super glue to repair any breakages or return to the artist for plastic welding repair.

    This is made from PLA plastic which has a melting point of around 160 degrees celsius.  If it is in a hot environment like a conservatory, it may start to droop over time.

    The plastic is UV resistant so shouldn't yellow in the sun.

    If your bird is placed outside please be aware of animals that may interact with it and in areas of high wind be aware that surrounding branches may hit it and cause breakages.

  • If in stock this product will be dispatched the day your payment is cleared.

    It will come to you via Aramex Couriers.

    You will receive an email once your package has been dispatched.


    Delivery goal: 

    • Overnight for the North Island 
    • 2 days for the South Island
    • International Shipping times dependant on individual carriers and covid climate
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