From the Pīwakawaka Series by Rose Petterson,

this is a horizontal perched fantail with wide tail.
It is titled Pīwakawaka No.1 and signed by the artist.

Buy it unmounted and install outside or inside.

See photos for installation ideas.

If it's unmounted you can install it yourself outside in a tree or inside on a free standing twig or rope etc.  

Or buy it pre-mounted on a piece of driftwood and display it on your shelf.

It is 3D printed in a UV resistant PLA plastic.


If requiring mounting please expect an extra 5-6 business days.

Pīwakawaka No. 1

  • To mount/install:
    Choose a thin branch that isn't too big for the Piwakawaka claws.

    VERY CAREFULLY twist the claws over the branch.  You can dip the claws in boiled water to give them a little flexibility.  Open out the claws and curve over your thin branch holding them in place until the plastic cools down again. (Be aware if you dip the legs in hot water they'll go bendy! If this happens, hold them straight until the plastic cools down and try again.)


    Depending on the type of tree/bush you install it in, it may need some additional installation points, try using a thin piece of wire to hold the tail to nearby twigs.


    Care Instructions:
    PLA is a medium brittle plastic, so be careful not to apply too much force to areas like the legs and wings or it will snap.  However, you could try using super glue to repair any breakages or return to the artist for plastic welding repair.


    This is made from PLA plastic which has a melting point of around 160 degrees celsius.  If it is in a hot environment like a conservatory, it may start to droop over time.


    The plastic is UV resistant so shouldn't yellow in the sun.

    If your bird is placed in a tree in areas of high wind be aware that surrounding branches may hit it and cause breakages.

  • If in stock this product will be dispatched the day your payment is cleared.

    It will come to you via Fastway Couriers.


    Delivery goal: 

    • Overnight for the North Island 
    • 2 days for the South Island
    • 8 - 10 working days for International Shipping

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