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Gazebo Sculpture Series by Rose Petterson of wildrose Design and Film

Gazebo Series

Artist: Rose Petterson


The Hidden Way

1230 x 1320 x 2800h


Watchtower Lookout

1050 x 1200 x 3150 high



700 x 800 x 2500 high


Abode for One

1050 x 1200 x 2500 high


Medium:  steel rod, epoxy enamel

Price: $2500 each (still available)

Exhibition: 2010/11  

         Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens



These gazebo’s are a continuation from the ‘personal size’ Cathedra Domine work that explores the idea of religion being accessible. 


These works are even more intimate and perhaps even a little intimidating.   They can be viewed quite sucessfully from the outside, but I believe it is from the inside that there is an actual experience.  From inside, the outside world suddenly gets a framwork.  It is primarily the duality of being inside but also outside, that I was interested in exploring with these works.

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