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Laceshade 1 - Rose Petterson
Laceshade 1 - Rose Petterson
Laceshade Series - Rose Petterson
Laceshade 2 - Rose Petterson
Laceshade 3 - Rose Petterson
Laceshades Installation
Laceshades Installation

Laceshades series 1- 3

(editions of 5 each)

Artist: Rose Petterson

Size:  170mm diameter, varying heights

Medium:  3D printed PLA plastic

Price: $250 each

Exhibition: Dec 2015 - Sept 2016

         Wharepuke Sculpture Park, Kerikeri


Laceshades 1 - 3 is a limited edition series of 3D Printed hanging sculpture.  Inspired by Victorian lampshade shapes and lace, these works are printed with a solid material but in a way that speaks of both the abstract concepts of light and transparency and also of darkness and density.


It is a series that reflects on the contradiction of opposites; an indoor object made for outdoors, a classic shape yet modern execution, intricate looking yet fabricated in a tough material.  It may not shine with an electrical light but light will shine through it.


What I like about this medium or process of creating is that it has the ability to print complex and intricate pieces that couldn’t otherwise be fabricated.  The potential of 3D printing is another binary opposition – I can print delicate looking work that is actually made of a robust material.

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